MicksGarage is Ireland’s leading online car parts and accessories retailer

I worked at MicksGarage.com for seven and a half years in a very dynamic and constantly evolving role. I was originally brought in as a product photographer with the task of creating and running an in-house photography studio, initially as a one man department but eventually supervising other staff members. During this period I was also responsible for directing, shooting and editing instructional and promotional videos for the MicksGarage Youtube channel.

I eventually joined the Marketing Department properly as the lead visual designer, responsible for overseeing creation of all branding & marketing materials within the business (from parcel fliers to packaging, vehicle graphics, marquees and event furniture, clothing, display ads, social media graphics and site banners), as well as ensuring work by other designers is created in keeping with the established brand guidelines and that both high standards and consistency are maintained. I was also responsible for creating and broadcasting daily marketing email blasts to a list of over a quarter of a million contacts, as well as maintaining the contact list and running acquisition/ retention campaigns and tracking key metrics via Google Analytics.


  • Email marketing
  • Video production & editing
  • Print advertising
  • Digital banners and social imagery
  • Content creation
  • Ad hoc design tasks