Zeus Packaging Group is the largest single shareholder/privately owned packaging company in the world.

In my full time role at Zeus Group I hold overall responsibility for marketing and design functions in Ireland, as well as heavy involvement in Group level activities, reporting directly to the board. I have had material involvement and/or leadership in a variet of high profile company projects, including sole responsibility for the creation and launch of both the company website and Intranet.

These projects required significant input from users and stakeholders across the business to ensure their success. After launch, the group website has continued to see regular updates driven by ongoing analysis using Microsoft Clarity and other heatmap/user journey tools.

Additionally, I have undertaken a wide range of design, email marketing and video/animation briefs during my time at Zeus.


  • Corporate Websites
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Digital Workflow Optimisation/Asset Library Management
  • Graphic Design for Print & Screen
  • User Testing and User Interface Design