Legend Of Fionn: The Salmon of Knowledge is an interactive storybook app which launched for the iPad in 2015

As one third of a small development team, I helped to launch Legend of Fionn: The Salmon of Knowledge on the iPad in 2015. LOF began life as a college project but later developed into a commercial venture. I created all of the visual elements for the app and was responsible for conducting user testing of prototype builds.

Finding a unique way to revive a well trodden tale was a key challenge faced by the team, and the aesthetic I created was an attempt to stand out from the simplified and juvenile adaptations available elsewhere on the market. As a result the app has a much darker and more sinister appearance in order to engage the younger reader who may otherwise have bypassed this classic part of Irish mythology.

My responsibilities

  • Illustrating the story
  • Designing the user interface
  • User testing/prototyping
  • Bug fixing